Existing Ready-Made Companies

Prečo si zakladať novú firmu? Kúpte si ju! Základnou výhodou ready-made firiem je ich rýchla dostupnosť. Sú určené pre tých klientov, ktorí potrebujú zrealizovať okamžitú transakciu alebo potrebujú mať firmu ihneď k dispozícii. Pri tejto variante môžete začať podnikať už do niekoľkých hodín a zápis zmien v obchodnom registri potrvá len pár dní. Spoločnosti ponúkané v tejto sekcii boli založené výhradne za účelom predaja a nikdy neboli použité na obchodné aktivity, sú bez právnych vád, záväzkov a majú splnené všetky daňové povinnosti. Ready-made spoločnosti Vám vieme poskytnúť nie len na Slovensku ale aj v susednej Českej republike.

  • Have no commercial activities

  • Have paid-up capital

  • Already signed at Commercial Register

  • Without any commitments or obligations

  • Ready to go

  • Share Transfer

  • Arrangements of General Meetings

  • Registration at the tax office

  • Business licenses or concessions

  • Preparation and submission of a proposal to the Commercial Register

Consultations of the business plan

At this stage and based on your requirements we will advise a suitable alternative to the establisment of new company, ready-made companies. When choosing a suitable company it is important to specify the operational aspects of the company, especially in terms of the goods movement or how to sell it, where the business will take place and what kind of services will be provided. After a thorough analysis, we advise you either a less-financially-demanding -model of ready-made companies without VAT registration. The second option is a ready-made company with an existing registration VIES used for triangular trade within the European Union. It can be used also for the provision of services outside the territory of the Slovak Republic. The third possibility is a ready-made company VAT registered in the Slovak Republic. The last option allows you the widest range of applications in the Slovak Republic, in the European Union as well as in the rest of the world.

Assistance in opening a bank account

Today, the bank account is an integral part of any new or a ready-made company. In a time when cash payments are very limited and everything is moving to eliminate cash transactions and prioritize payments online Its very important to have the right bank on your side. It is very important as well not to forget and send the report to the government. Penalties could occur from not keeping communication with the state administration.

This is a simple service to assist you and can save you a lot of time in choosing a suitable bank for your business. Our selected partner banks can give in the beginning the opportunity to save up on charges for 6 months.

  • On a personal meeting, depending on your chosen country for business, we recommend a suitable reference bank. We can also alert and give you options opening an account in some destinations in order to avoid possible fines or taxation.

  • The authorized person will assist you in selecting the optimum package of services from the banking portfolio.

  • We ensure opening an account and gaining access to online banking, including credit cards.

  • We will explain how to use the relevant bank card and approaches.