Financial Services

An important part of the function of each company is to provide flawless accounting services. This sector tends to be one of the major reasons for many successful and profitable businesses, however this necessary and crucial function among many companies has been underestimated.

In a personal meeting we discuss the nature of the business and the mechanism for the transmission of documents.

  • Processing and provision of accounting documents

  • Audit of accounting documents

  • Processing of VAT returns and road tax

  • VAT Reference Summary and VAT inspection report

  • Ordinary and extraordinary account treatment

  • INTRASTAT (production of statistics on trade in goods between the EU countries)

  • Preparation of annual tax, tax returns arrangements

  • Reference Preparation as required by the customer

  • Complete payroll calendar management and employees

  • Proxy Representation of the company in other offices

  • Information on payments of taxes and other levies

Simple Accounting

The major difference between single entry and double entry accounting derives from the process of the accounting. The Single accounts are mainly for income and outcome in terms of tax while the double entry accounting is used mainly for costs and revenue.

  • Individuals, entrepreneurs, who are not registered in the Commercial registry and they are proving expenses for tax purposes, and not the actual amount of the flat-rate deductions

  • Persons doing business under other legislation such as the Trade Licensing Act, eg. Lawyers, doctors

  • Landlords who decided for billing in the system of simple accountancy

  • Bookkeeping

  • Maintainance of books record of received and issued invoices

  • Banking book management

  • Registry of tangible and intangible fixed assets

  • Developing balancesheet for suppliers and buyers

  • Management and archive of internal documents

  • Cash book management

  • Depreciation Cards management

  • Developing VAT returns (monthly or quarterly) – applies to VAT payers

  • Developing a summary report and controling of the VAT – valid for VAT payers

  • Elaboration of tax returns from motor vehicles

  • Property Registration

  • Electronic communication with the tax authorities

  • Accounting and business advices

Double-entry Bookkeeping

Double-entry bookkeeping is for those legal entities that are clearly communicated by their Commercial Code (Ltd., Inc., cooperatives) and for natural persons – entrepreneurs).

Double-entry accounting is considered to be a higher form of accounting compared to the simple accounting in particular for its informative value, providing more detailed accounting entries.

Our company handles the accounting system POHODA.

  • Status and movement of assets and liabilities

  • Equity

  • Income and expenses

  • Revenues and expenses
  • Profit

  • Processing accoounting journal and ledger
  • Maintaining a book of claims and liabilities

  • Keeping cash book

  • VAT registration

  • Preparation of VAT returns, summary reports and monitoring VAT report

  • Asset management

  • Processing tax returns and respective reports

  • Accounting reconstruction

Personnel and payroll agenda

In the matter of personnel and payroll we can provide complete service starting with the preparation of the employment contract, through the registration of all relevant authorities, the calculation of gross and net wages to preparing and sending commands to the payment of salaries and associated contributions. Consultancy and assistance with the appropriate selection of the optimal service.

Personalized approach to each client and adjusted service as required.

  • Preparation of employment contracts

  • Log on or off employees

  • Keeping personal records

  • Monthly gross wage calculation based on client supplied materials

  • Processing of reports for insurance and tax office

  • Preparation of annual report of tax advances from dependent activity

  • Processing of annual health insurance

  • Processing necessary confirmations (Credit sheet, registered letter pension insurance, etc.)

  • If necessary deductions from salaries

  • Processing and sending of bulk payment orders for the payment of salaries and social contributions

  • Holidays registration

Accounting and tax advisory

You are unable to navigate the maze of laws and in terms of economic, financial and fiscal spheres You need help? We are ready to assist you in resolving any issues related to these areas. Whether finding out about changes in the existing legislation, accounting and optimization of tax obligations.

In addition to financial advices for Slovak companies we can provide advice at issue in the Czech Republic , Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Cyprus and in cooperation with our partners in selected offshore countries. Currently we are preparing in the form of new services in the Baltic countries.

Representation of the client in different offices

  • Tax Office

  • Commercial Register

  • Bank institutions

  • Social Insurance

  • Health insurance