Registered Office

We offer an important service to our customers that provides addresses for registered office purposes. The existence of the registered office of the company is indeed one of the basic requirements to form a company. By using this service, you get rid of unnecessary costs associated with rental agencies. This indicates the possible operation headquarters of the company, its name and identification number.

We offer this important service “office-housing” under Bratislava’s Castle at the amazing price of 55,- EUR / month, while an alternative is to register at Farského street in Bratislava for 40,- EUR / month. By utilizing this service you will get rid of unnecessary office costs. Part of the service is also getting the headquarters of the company, the name of the company, and its identification number..In addition to providing a registered office in the premises at a prestigious address next to the Castle, or the alternative at Farskeho Street in Bratislava we We can provide the same services in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Cyprus and in cooperation with our partners in selected offshore countries. Currently we are preparing in the form of new services in the Baltic countries.

  • Mail management

  • Documents delivery

  • Mail delivery notification via e-mail, SMS, phone

  • Redirection of documents to the specified address

  • Business meetings at the venue