Establishing a Midshore Company

Midshore company combines onshore and offshore benefits. The components are low taxes, confidentiality, a strong legal system and a range of double taxation opportunities.

Why invest in Cyprus?

Private company limited liability (Ltd.)

  • Company Formation Time: 7 days

  • Currency: EURO

  • Providing Anonymity: Yes

  • Accounting Requirement: Yes

  • Corporate Taxation: 12,5 %

  • Legal System: Common Law

  • Minimum Paid-up capital: 0,- EUR

  • Minimum directors / shareholders: 1/1


The reasons are many. Cyprus is one of the most attractive business destinations in the world. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, this ‘not-moving- aircraft – carrier’ is providing to investors, exporters and importers the opportunity to handle equipment and manage freight easily.

After the accession of Cyprus into the EU (1 May 2004), the opportunity to access the European market attracts investors from all around the world.

The island of Goddess Aphrodite has much to offer. Cyprus tax law is compatible with EU and is one of the main reasons why investors are coming to the island. Cyprus system exempts investors from taxes on profits from sales abroad. More over there are 48 countries that have signed double tax treaties with Cyprus. Furthermore the island besides the rumor of being a beautiful and attractive touristic destination, among investors is a “tax haven”

Legislation in Cyprus helps business development.

The legal system is based on the common law of the United Kingdom with a combination of commercial arrangements coordinated by the EU. Cyprus is a business center by itself. Considering the standard of living, labor, friendly business environment, quality of services and products and telecommunications facilities there is not a reason for an investor not to place his/her expenditures.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Online trading

  • Consulting

  • Broker / Forex

  • Intellectual property

  • Management of movable / real estates