European Companies

The joint stock company is defined as a legal entity, a company incorporated in the State of its location. SE (Societas Europaea) is a joint stock company where its business is based on European legislation and location. SE should facilitate the free movement of capital within the EU and unify the legislation norms in the EU. It has legal personality and share capital of minimum 120 000, – EUR. The company’s capital is divided into shares.

Why European Company?

The legislation in the EU is giving the opportunity to transfer the company‘s headquarters to other countries within the EU borders. it allows to the European company to have a flexible alternative to commercial activities and accounting opportunities.

  • Thanks to identical legislation on the SE Regulation and similar legislation in EU member countries have multinational character

  • It facilitates cross-border merger of companies

  • It allows the selection of the legal and tax environment (tax residence), the company can freely move its headquarters and thus the place of effective management to another EU country

  • A suitable type of a company holding structures located in various tax-favored jurisdictions (e.g. Cyprus, Czech Republic)

  • Free movement of capital and the movement of the legal entities

  • Significantly lower operating costs to European companies compared with traditional stock company

  • Minimum basic capital of the company is 120 000 €

  • SE can not be established by an individual natural person

  • The registered office and place of management must be as well the place for issuing possible penalties

  • Τhis kind of company takes up to 5 weeks to be enstablishe in Slovakia. In order to save time time we recommended the purchase of a ready-made SE, where you can become Chairman of the Board within 24 hours