Updated April 29, 2020

All tests performed: 81,338

Daily tests performed: 5,472

Positive Tested People: 1,391

New cases: 7

Deaths: 22

Added: 2

Cured patients: 484

New cured: 61

Number of hospitalized: 180

Difference: 5

Number of hospitalized with confirmed covid19: 53

of which on ICU: 8 and on pulmonary ventilation: 0

7-day moving median: 6



How will the releasing of measures take place?

One of the decisive criteria for the releasing of measures is the so-called moving median of the number of infected in the last 7 days, which is monitored and evaluated on a daily basis and after approximately 2 weeks in one phase, it is decided whether to move on to the next phase.

When releasing the measures taken in the fight against the pandemic in Slovakia, the moving median is calculated from the number of daily new infected people in the past week, but adjusted for new infected people in the quarantine centers.



Phase 1

Validity of the regulation from: 22.4.2020 6: 00h

Validity of the regulation until: until further notice


For example, the following may be opened under the measure:


Attention! Opening hours for restaurants and fast foods (excluding delivery service) are limited from 06:00 to 20:00. Consumption of food and drinks on the terraces of public catering establishments is not allowed.

  • in shopping and commercial centers, if they have a separate entrance, which does not allow the customer to enter the passage of the center (the customer cannot have the possibility to enter the passage of the center),
  • food and drink (without the possibility of consumption on the spot), newsagents and drugstores,
  • pharmacies, shops and dispensaries of medical devices and opticians, including examination and vision measurement, if these are part of the shop,
  • with clothing, but it will not be possible to try the goods,
  • with footwear, the footwear being able to be tested on a sock or stocking,
  • car and vehicle dealerships, including car bazaars.


Attention! Public catering and fast food establishments (including sales from the dispensing window) are not required for a sanitary day and may also be open on Sundays.

  • veterinary ambulance and emergency pharmacy
  • hospital pharmacies and public pharmacies, as well as for hospital pharmacies with a public expenditure department, if the performance of the emergency pharmacy service is not ensured at the seat of the fixed point of the fixed emergency ambulance,
  • gas stations,
  • stores of the telecommunications operators,
  • public catering and fast food stalls,
  • stores of postal, banking and insurance services,
  • stores of delivery services.


Attention! They can open only if they are able to ensure compliance with hygiene measures and only if they have a separate entrance. The customer cannot be able to enter the center passage through the stores.

  • grocery stores, beverages and temporary stands without the possibility of consumption on the spot,
  • drugstores, pharmacies and shops / dispensaries of medical devices,
  • ophthalmic optics, including examination and vision measurement, if these are part of the shop,
  • newspaper and printed matter stores,
  • pet food stores and veterinary clinics,
  • stores of the telecommunications operators,
  • restaurants and fast food stalls, but only have to pack food for customers,
  • postal, banking, insurance and leasing services, including the mediation of these services,
  • internet shops (eshop) with the possibility of picking up the goods in stores and delivery services,
  • laundries and dry cleaners,
  • key services and shoe repair.


  • only if a separate entrance and a separate exit will be provided with the provision of one-way movement of customers,
  • if customers are allowed to keep 2m spacing,
  • restaurants within the markets can only sell food and drinks through the dispensing window; consumption is allowed only outside the market area,
  • farmed products, seedlings, flowers, planting seeds and seasonal fruits and vegetables should be allowed on the market; clothes or shoes will probably not be allowed.


  • for 10 or more days
  • restaurants in the accommodation cannot be opened.



  • the presence of a sports expert during training,
  • between all persons on the sports ground (including active athletes) distance min. 2 m,
  • container with disinfectant for hand disinfection,
  • disinfection of all used training aids after the end of the training,
  • athletes under the age of 18 are required to have and use only their own bottle of water with their own name,
  • when changing groups of athletes on the same sports ground, coaches will provide time and space to maintain a safe distance of changing athletes and will supervise the disinfection of used sports equipment,
  • keep a record of the participation of persons in sports activities (name, surname, date and time of participation); the person who conducts the sports activity is responsible,
  • place instructions from this Regulation in a visible place
  • all persons (except active athletes) are required to wear a veil.


  • the presence of the necessary members of the implementation team,
  • use sports grounds in school premises,
  • 5 active athletes on 1 sports ground, or several groups of athletes on 1 sports ground (1 group = min. area 30x30m),
  • active athletes can train without a veil.

Not allowed:

  • the public (spectators), parents or other persons,
  • contact sports – such as combat exercises, boxing, karate,
  • use the interior of the sports ground, especially shared changing rooms, washrooms, showers and similar facilities (the exception is the emergency use of toilets – not a common need, but, for example, sudden nausea). 

Attention! The following remains closed: 

  • natural and artificial swimming pools,
  • physical education and sports facilities,
  • human body care facilities (cosmetics, barbershops, manicures, pedicures, hairdressers, barbershops, massage parlors, solariums, saunas, tattoo parlors and others),
  • facilities for children and youth, including care facilities for children under 3 years,
  • wellness centers, including swimming pools in accommodation facilities,
  • entertainment and leisure facilities (casinos, cinemas and others),
  • reconditioning stays.