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Establishing Companies

Have you decided to create your own business but the complicated legal procedures and the foreign language is an obstacle? In Consulentia Ltd we offer the opportunity to start a business simply and swiftly.


Ready-Made Companies

Before we get into the process of creating a new business let us think! The package is ready and you can buy it in order to save time! The main advantage of these ready-made companies is their quick availability.


Financial Services

An important part of the function of each company is to provide flawless accounting services. This sector tends to be one of the major reasons for many successful and profitable businesses, however this necessary and crucial function among many companies has been underestimated.


Registered Office

In connection with the complete assurance of the requirements associated with the management of your company we are offering a wide complex of additional services.

About us      

Consulentia Ltd was established in 2002. During its existence it was developed as a consultative – consulting firm, offering services related to the creation of commercial companies, their management, and other, related business services in order to succeed effective communication and the operation of a business. Our main goal is to provide services at a high professional level, in order to achieve the full satisfaction of our client. The serious and the correct approach to addressing the requirements and the needs of our clients is our basic value principle, with of course the confidentiality throughout the process of communication and business relationship with the client.

Legal notice:
This page does not have the character of legal advice. Even when we are doing our best in terms of precision and accuracy of the information provided, we can not assume legal responsibility for any statement in the above texts. Our company has no direct legal advice. If necessary, we work with companies, individuals or institutions that have the necessary permits (notaries, lawyers, etc.).